Green Therapy is more than a brand as our vision is all about promoting a healthy balanced lifestyle while bringing knowledge to support, build and unite an infectious community around a natural plant we all share love for.

Green Therapy is more than a brand as our vision’s all about promoting a healthy balanced lifestyle by bringing knowledge and support to build an infectious community around a natural plant we all share a common love for. Cannabis has an array of therapeutic aspects that have long been neglected and mislead by a government who’s been profiting from the prohibition dating back to the mid-1930’s through the militarization of police, mass incarceration, and the opioid addiction crisis. They began by using reefer madness propaganda to demonize this plant and eventually scheduled it a level 1 drug, meaning it has no medicinal use and deeming it more harmful than meth and cocaine, and began implementing injustice racial profiling methods like “Frisk and Search” targeting those of color and low-income status. Our jail systems are full of people jailed for non-violent aggressive crimes. According to the FBI Unified Crime Statistics 587,700 people were arrested in 2016 for marijuana-related crimes, more than for all violent crimes like murder and rape combined. No person should ever be locked up for possessing a plant that does not cause harm to them the way its wrongly been portrayed to us throughout the media in past decades. They used relentless propaganda to ignite the U.S. “War on Drugs” such as Nancy Reagan’s infamous “Just Say No” advertising campaign which dates back to the 1980’s and early 1900’s. In recent years we’ve come a long way in the marijuana prohibition, yet we still have work to do. As time goes by more research is being done to find out unbiased results of cannabis and its effects for medicinal use. Life is about finding balance in everything you do and with cannabis in your mix you can definitely live a healthy, productive lifestyle. We have an opioid crisis causing more danger to our communities than a natural plant, which no one has ever overdosed or died from. In fact, cannabis has endless amazing therapeutic benefits for those who have been diagnosed with serious health conditions and can be used to substitute drug addiction, including highly addictive pharmaceutical pills. Keeping cannabis illegal is great for big pharmaceutical companies, correctional facilities, and law enforcement as they are the ones profiting from the prohibition. It’s time to end the “Reefer Madness” ideology it’s been given along with the image that stoners are lazy and unsuccessful by bringing transparency to this amazing plant God has provided us with. Cannabis helps people realize the important things in life while helping relieve life’s daily stress, which is a key factor of health problems and death in today’s day. It simultaneously helps alleviate constant nausea and lack of appetite while there’s not a single pharmaceutical pill alone that can cover both of these side effects. Cannabis is completely natural. It’s MEDICINE. It’s Green Therapy!